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"Dawn of War 2" Co-Op Interview

Dawn of War 2 is one of the most anticipated PC games this year, and there's good reason why.  Gritty sci-fi action meets fantasy set in the Warhammer 40k universe.  Relic's next RTS masterpiece will feature true co-op play throughout the entire campaign.  We talked with members of the development team to get the skinny on the co-op.

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"Grand Theft Auto IV" Patched on the PC

Poor framerate got you down in GTA IV on the PC?  Perhaps the latest patch for the game can alleviate your troubles.   Among numerous performance improvements across the board, there's now some additional graphical sliders in the options menu to get your Niko running as smooth as butter.  Now you can't blame your computer's performance lag when you crash the helicopter into Kenny during the Hangman's Noose co-op mode.  

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The Co-Opticast Gets Married

No, nobody got married on the Co-Opticast.  Your regular hosts Nick and Mike are both already married, and I don't mean to each other.  Nick and Mike did appear on Episode 83 of The Married Gamers Podcast, hosted by Chris and Kelly. The podcast takes a slightly unique approach to video game podcasts getting both the male and female perspective from a married couple.

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Entire Guitar Hero Metallica Song List Revealed

It's not often we get to put up a link to Metallica's website, but that's our source for this news item.  We'd previously reported a rumored list of songs for the upcoming Metallica-centric Guitar hero title, but now we have it straight from the horses mouth.  If you like Metallica, you'd like the list.  I'm a fan, and I'll probably be picking it up at some point, as my love for "Battery" is greater than my dislike for giving Activision my money.  Also, "Fuel" is one of the songs, and my son, as a toddler, sang that song like this: "Gimme food, gimme fries, gimme something on the side!!"  I feel that memory is funny enough that I just have to pick that same song up in rhythm game form! 

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