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Left 4 Dead PC Patch Coming This Week

So while the 360 version of Left 4 Dead was patched last week, our PC brethren were left for dead so to speak.  Thankfully there is a savior, and his name is Blackgaze.  Blackgaze is a user on the Valve forums, and he received an email response from Left 4 Dead writer Chet Faliszek.

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Killzone 2 Could See Co-Op Patch Soon after Launch

Sony's Killzone 2 is a juggernaut for the PlayStation 3 this year.  Releasing in February, the game has been the cause for much controversy starting with its "target trailer" from E3 2006.  Whether or not the final game meets the target's expectations for graphics is still up in the air, but people who have played the multiplayer beta are thoroughly impressed.

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Treasure Considering Radiant Silvergun for XBLA

Fans of Ikaruga, which we reviewed here, will find this news interesting.  It appears that Ikaruga is not the only acclaimed shooter from Treasure that Microsoft wants on Xbox Live Arcade.  Radiant Silvergun, which many feel is the best shoot em up of all time, is on Microsoft's wish list.  (Ours too, for that matter; copies of the game are quite pricey on Ebay.)  MS approached Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa about porting the Arcade/Sega Saturn title over to their service.

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Halo Wars CES 2009 Footage

CES2009 wrapped up this week, and one of the games on display was the upcoming Halo RTS from Microsoft.  The sneaky CES ninjas have video taped some in game footage showing off unit management and a few battles.  It's not much, but it's probably the most raw in game footage seen to date.   Hopefully this holds you over until the demo is released on February 5th.

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