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Castle Crashers Crashes 300,000 Mark

Well, we talk about Castle Crashers a great deal at Co-Optimus, so you might be thinking "what's the big deal about it?" Fair enough, you want some proof that our love is valid. How about a number? 250,000. That is the number of people who have downloaded Castle Crashers so far. For a reference, the game came out less than a month ago, on August 27th. So in around 22 days, a quarter of a million people have downloaded the game. Also, the game has increased number people playing Alien Hominid by a factor of five! Also, The Behemoth has hinted, as before, that a patch is inbound to fix the online issues. So any one of the 250,000 out there?

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Sousaphone? Glockenspiel? New Guitar Hero 4 "Instrument" Revealed

Recent rumblings of a new instrument for Guitar Hero: World Tour have now been verified.  Fans of enormous brass instruments and German orchestra bells (a favorite of many elementary music teachers) will have to wait until the next GH, however.  The instrument, if you can call it that, is MIDI sequencer functionality.  Through some arcane, sorcerous method, players can transfer MIDI files, perhaps of their own band, into GH:WT and further editing can be done there.  The PS3 version will have full functionality, but the 360 version will only support drum tracks due to "hardware issues".  (Insert your own fanboy comment here.)  I know I dream of playing "The Touch" from the original animated Transformers movie in GH:WT (don't we all?), but that may not be as easy as I'd like.  Says project director Brian Bright:

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Co-Op Couples: Collecting things is Excruciatingly Fun

Despite blood and gore, Gears of War could be a great game to co-op with your wife.  As our next feature in our Co-Op couples articles will show you, you just need to concentrate on something different.   Read on to find out how a little achievement for collecting 30 CoG tags in Gears of War prompted multiple play throughs of the Xbox 360 title for one member and his wife.

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This Week In Co-Op: Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Esoteric Edition)

For me, every "This Week in Co-Op" game could be Super Smash Brothers. I really do play it every week, but let's face it, you don't want months of just "dude, Ike is tough." In fact, I never planned to have SSB: Brawl be my co-op game of the week for a long while. However, this week, I was hit with a realization like a ton of bricks. You see, I realized something about video games that is so true, yet I never realized it before. Video games can bring make people actually become friends and become close. And the game for me was Super Smash Brothers Brawl

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Fable 2 Pub Game Cheaters are in for a "Surprise"

Were you one of those folks that decided to exploit the system in the Fable 2 Pub Games Xbox Live Arcade game?  You know, so when you fired up Fable 2 for the first time and decided to transfer your Pub Games gold to your real game you'd be instantly rich, wealthy, and sexy?  If so, you may be in for a surprise, at least according to the latest IGN preview with Peter Molyneaux.  What exactly that surprise is, we aren't sure, but according to Molyenaux the glitch was no accident, and there will be some consequence. 

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Alien Breed Remake Coming from Team 17

Remember Alien Breed for the Amiga?  It was a top down shooter similar to Smash TV or Gauntlet, but had a feel of a game like Doom.  The best part was the co-op action as you and a buddy fought through seemingly endless alien hordes; sometimes blowing up an entire level before making it to the elevator just in time.  The game was created by Team 17 of Worms fame, and it looks to be set for a remake as a downloadable title.

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Co-Op With the Too Human Devs!

Too Human's release has come and gone.  While the game is not perfect, it's still plenty of fun.  Coming this Friday, September 19, gamers will have the chance to play with the actual developers of Too Human. reports that from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST, ten members of the development team, including Denis Dyack, will be hacking, gunning, and bombing their way through the game.  A list of the developers' Gamertags:

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