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New Raids added too.

Free to Play Shooter Firefall Launches Today

Our first article for Firefall was written in September of 2010 - almost a full four years ago. At that point the game had already been well into development and we were seeing the fruits of the team's labor. Now the game is ready to finally be called "done," at least terms of being an officially released product. The game launches today on PC and is available on Steam and from the official website.

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The pinnacle of food-based simulation.

Farming Simulator 15 Launches in October

Do you feel the unrelenting urge to harvest asparagus? Are you gripped with the desires to plant, and water, corn? Have you ever shot out of bed in the middle of the night, covered in sweat, your palms aching with the carnal desire to extract carrots straight from the earth with your bare hands? Do you feel a strong emotional attachment (either positive or negative!) about Horsch brand farming vehicles?

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Nobody can complain about a lack of female characters now.

Hyrule Warriors Character Roster Further Expands in New Trailer

A full trailer featuring each and every playable character in Hyrule Warriors has release recently. Having played all the Legend of Zelda games in the series, I'm very happy with the characters choices they've made and am excited to see what sort of co-op combinations we can come up with. From the trailer itself, the game seems to sp...

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