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If so, co-op gaming may become hotter than ever!

Will Evolve Be Able to Top Left 4 Dead's Legendary Co-Op?

In a few months, Turtle Rock Studios is going to launch their latest game, Evolve, looking to combine many elements that I fell in love with in their previous work, Left 4 Dead. In many ways, I look at this new game as an opportunity for developer to shape yet another generation of gamers into co-op lovers just like me. Therefore, I've decided ...

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Things in-game may become more difficult without a buddy handy.

The Elder Scrolls Online Devs Show Us Why Cooperation Will Be Encouraged

There's little doubt that Elder Scrolls Online is one of the main games we will be looking forward to play this year, if only to see the beautiful, co-op potential it could bring to the console market. Luckily for us, we  stumbled upon this developer diary video that show's us a glimpse of what we can expect to see this summer.

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Your money ain't safe, even in space.

Starbreeze Developing Sci-Fi PAYDAY Style Co-Op Shooter

You know what would make PAYDAY 2 a lot more fun? If you could toss your humble uzi aside and tear through the boys in blue with a plasma cannon. Imagine the mountains of law enforcement officials your clowns could dispatch with crazy future tech at your disposal. And what if we replaced all of the cops with six-armed aliens wielding just as many guns, and instead of a mundane thing like diamonds, our masked anti-heroes are liberating vaults full of alien artifacts! Oh, and instead of a getaway van, you hop into your FTL space ship and blast off to the other side of the galaxy! If only someone would make a game like that..

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