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Better late than never

Tropico 5 Adds Saved Games to Multiplayer, Big Cheese DLC

Like this news story, a patch to add a missing feature to a game is better late than never. Our biggest complaint with Tropico 5's co-op gameplay was the inability to save a game during a session, forcing players into lengthy matches if they wanted to see any significant progress. Now a new patch alongside some fresh DLC has remedied the situation and added more things to do.

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Red robots are our favorite kind of robots.

Ronimo Introduces Sentry-X58 in Awesomenauts Patch 2.4

Just a few days ago, Ronimo released their latest updates to Awesomenauts and their Starstorm expansion DLC, Patch 2.4! Through this update, are introduced to the third new playable character: Sentry-X58 (simply known as "Sentry"). A red robot with a strange fetish for telephones, Sentry is an extremely good character with a wide range of...

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