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Prices so low you'll scream.

Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale

Valve is holding a Steam sale to celebrate Halloween with many of the titles on sale featuring horror elements. Valve will use any holiday as an excuse for a sale. There's an INCREDIBLE number of titles discounted at least 25% off, with many offering 50% to 75% off their normal price. We've compiled a list of all of the co-op titles you can acquire. Weep for your wallets ladies and gentlemen, weep for them.

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Isn't Halloween known for its treats?

PlayStation Store's 'Sale of the Dead' Event Currently Underway

With only a week to go until Halloween time, now is the perfect time to dive into some scary games that go with the holiday very nicely. Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation Store is holding its “Sale of the Dead” event, providing tons of sweet discounts on both single player AND co-op games alike! PlayStation Plus members will be able to grab as much as 80% discounts on some of these games, so it’s most definitely worth looking into.

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More slashes than a budget horror film

Resident Evil Franchise Discounted on Playstation Store

"Spring Fever" continues this week on the US Playstation Store. The focus of this week's discounts is the Resident Evil franchise. Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita owners can enjoy great discounts on the entire catalog of Resident Evil titles this week. Both Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition feature some very fine cooperative gameplay, and if you do not own them already, are definitely both worthy of looking into. The Playstation Plus discount yields a significant discount on the already lower priced sale items. For a complete list of the Resident Evil games on sale this week, take a look below:

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Needed a sale for Resident Evil games? Here it is!

Several Resident Evil Games on Sale Today on XBL

The Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale continues today with 50%-75% discounts on several Resident Evil games. Half of them feature co-op, oh, happy day! Last year's release of Resident Evil 6 (2-player local or online co-op) is discounted down to $20, as well as Resident Evil 5 (2-player local or online co-op) down to $10 and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (4-player online co-op) down to $20.

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Gold Edition plus All DLC Available On Demand

PlayStation Network Getting Resident Evil 5 Complete Package Next Week

This two-player, local and online co-op game just doesn't seem to stay down for long: starting October 4th (next Tuesday), the Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will appear on the PlayStation Network as an on-demand title. I can't see this really being top news, though, because everyone has played and loved this game by now. Right? Anyone?

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Splinter Cell Conviction's Co-Op Design: Core Principles To Encourage Co-Op Behavior

When looking at game design, a few things are necessary in order for co-op to work properly. Most of these things gamers don’t think about on a day to day basis - and it’s not covered in our Co-Op Terminology guide. It’s the core principles for getting players to work together, which Ubisoft designer Patrick Redding disclosed at GDC. He talks about moments where he is very satisfied with during the co-op test phase, and things that every developer (should) think about during co-op development.

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