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Get your motor running

Forza Horizon 3 Co-Op Review

Cooperative racing games are incredibly rare. Besides The Crew and Burnout Paradise, you just don’t see many games that let friends team up on the road. That’s what makes this year’s Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive Forza Horizon 3 so special. Horizon has always been a fantastic open-world racing series, and now racers can finally wo...

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Brut@l Co-Op Review

Between its history, artstyle, and title, Brut@l is a unique game. With these features, it’s certainly a head-turner, but initial impressions can only get a game so far. As a rogue-like (in a time where gamers are flooded with rogue-likes), it needs to impress mechanically. It has to be addicting, egging the player to play one more level, or ...

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