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Heal kids AND get your co-op on.

A Humble Extra-Life Co-op Bundle Available Now

Humble Bundle has put together a bundle of games and other goodies, and, as usual, is letting you pay what you want. A portion of your sale goes directly to Extra Life, a charity Co-Optimus has actively participated in for the past two years. Extra Life is a 24 gaming marathon that raises money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, who care for sick kids and premies.

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Upcoming changes to Wildstar and Guild Wars 2, Details for RIFT: Nightmare Tide

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XLVI: For the Players!

Summer’s wrapping up, but the patches and such are still steadily rolling out for some of the bigger MMOs. This month, we look at some upcoming changes to Guild Wars 2 and Wildstar as well as more details about the upcoming RIFT expansion, Nightmare Tide. Interestingly enough, all of these new pieces seem to be really geared towards addressin...

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Oh wait, I meant DON'T cut the blue wire.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: A Bomb Diffusal Game

The Global Game Jam went down last week, and when you get enough crazy people in a room together, madness is to be the only outcome. Which brings us to Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a co-op game where a player attempts to disarm a bomb as guided by someone who can't see anything they are doing. And if you don't think that's the greatest video game title in the history of time then you would be only lying to yourself.

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It's like a pro-sports free agent signing

Legendary DOOM Programmer and id Co-Founder Joins Oculus Rift

John Carmack is a monster name in the gaming industry. He's a pioneer, a legend. John co-founded id software and help create such games as Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, QUAKE and many others. He's been a driving force in gaming for over 25 years, specifically in the area of 3D. So perhaps it shouldn't surprise us that he's leaving id Software to help with what foks are saying is the future of 3D gaming - the Oculus Rift.

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This Week in Co-Op: PUG'ing it

Nope, I’m not referring to Andrew’s adorable dogs, sadly. I continue our TWIC play-with-randoms assignment series and take it into the MMO waters. We joke about the hell of public lobbies and matchmaking over XBL and Steam and whatnot (though it sounds like everyone so far on this assignment has had either positive or apathetic experiences - no outright negative ones, interestingly enough), but MMOs have their own special flavor of this hell known as Pick-Up Groups (or PUGs, for short). PUGs are most commonly used for dungeon groups but can be used for more difficult quests or anything that requires a group of people. A lot of MMO players actually play on their own a lot of the time, so they’ll need to hook up with strangers to complete the more difficult stuff.

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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume X: RIFT

Those of you who have been following some of the things I've said about RIFT already know that the game has some unique co-opportunities (e.g. a unique class-building system and group dynamic events). This month in MMOCO we explore the endgame co-opportunities as well as the new World Events.

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RIFT Swag Bag and Game Giveaway

New MMORPG launches are usually a pretty big deal, especially when there's a lot of people excited about it.  With over 1 million registered accounts already -  RIFT is looking to make a name for itself in the MMORPG space.   Developed Trion the game is out on PCs today.  We had an extensive preview of the game a few weeks back and now you can get your hands on the title too.  

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RIFT Preview

RIFT is an upcoming MMORPG from developer Trion. Take a look at some of the unique cooperative aspects this game has to offer which include the Soul System and Dynamic Events (rifts and invasions).

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