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Plus new bosses, new items, and new touch targeting controls!

Huge Update for Android Version of Terraria Finally Adds Hardmode

In what publisher 505 Games is calling the "biggest update to date", the Android version of Terraria is about to receive a massive wad of new content. Included in the release are new items, new enemies, new biomes, new bosses, and the fan favorite HARDMODE, which we should be contractually obliged to write in all-caps from now on.

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The twin stick cave-flyer gets some tweaks and improvements

Retrobooster Gets an Update, On Sale Now

You may remember a little indie title we've talked about here before called Retrobooster. While the co-op aspects may not have been everything we were quite looking for, the game itself is a solid twin-stick shooter/cave-flyer. The developer, Terry Welsh, once worked for NASA on some of their simulators and that background definitely shows in the game's controls. It's well worth a play and not only can you get the 1.1 version now, you can also get it on sale for the next couple days.

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Kick the living shtako out of those Hellbugs with the new updates.

Final Defiance Season Pass 1 DLC Rolls Out

Players that have kept up with all of Defiance's updates or are just getting into the game now, be aware that the last DLC for this season, "Arktech Revolution", has finally arrived this week. An ample amount of changes have been made for those who paid for the DLC, but an additional title update also altered few things worth taking a look at..

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