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Rewards for Destiny's "Refer a Friend" Revealed
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Rewards for Destiny's "Refer a Friend" Revealed

New dance, Sparrow, shader, and other emotes

A new update for Destiny arrived this week that fixed a few things, added all of the legendary swords to Lord Shaxx's inventory for purchase, and added weapon parts to the Gunsmith's stock for purchase. In addition, keen-eyed players noticed a few new items showing up in those big iPad terminals that are linked to the new "refer-a-friend" feature Bungie mentioned (briefly) in a recent post.

The new items spotted thus far are a new shader, a new emblem, a couple new emotes, and a sparrow that is actually pretty cool looking. All of these appear to be rewards from a quest titled "A Tale of Two Guardians," which is tied directly to the refer-a-friend program. YouTuber Arrekz Gaming does a quick highlight of all these items in his recent video post.

Rewards aside, no details yet on how all of this will work. If you've already referred friends to the game and they're now playing, are you just SOL on this one? Or maybe your real friends will be found inside specially marked cans of Red Bull...