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World War Z Season 2 Brings Horde Mode
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World War Z Season 2 Brings Horde Mode

Horde Mode Z Available Now

Saber Interactive’s World War Z has finally received the much anticipated Horde Mode as part of Season 2’s lineup of free content. Simply titled “Horde Mode Z”, the new mode brings waves of undead upon the players who will have to scavenge, explore, and fight for survival. The update also adds a new zombie type, The Bomber, who spawns in any game mode and brings an “explosive twist” - it explodes when shot. However, if players are more careful they can disable the explosive-toting undead (as seen in the trailer below) and gather rare supplies to aid their survival efforts. The Season 2 content for World War Z is free and available now across Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

If survival isn’t your cup of tea fear not; this update brings paid cosmetic items for your survivor so you can be fleek while you fight the undead. Finally, the trailer (below) ends by promising one more addition to Season 2 that will bring Crossplay Support, free cosmetics, and “more exciting news to announce soon.” Honestly, for the price of free-ninety-nine I don’t think this season can get any better.

Will you be fighting the piles of undead, or do you feel more like a zombie in the winter’s darkness? Let us know in the comments below!