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Our Weekend in Gaming - The Holidays Approach
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Our Weekend in Gaming - The Holidays Approach

The holidays fast approach and the Co-Opticrew is all snug in their beds.  Ok, not really.  Most of us are playing games or visiting family/friends.  But you can bet we're snuggling while doing it!

Nick "bapenguin" Puleo - "ODST tonight for Co-Op Night, then hopefully finishing up Assassin's Creed 2.  Maybe some 50 Cent with Kat, if she'll let me. "

Marc "DjinniMan" Allie - "I'm hoping to have a bit of time late this evening to play Halo 3 ODST for co-op night.  We'll have the entire day to ourselves tomorrow, and I'm feeling the itch for some Horde mode in Gears of War 2, more Guitar Hero Van Halen, and I'll do my best to cross that frustrating bridge in Left 4 Dead 2!"

Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis - "I'm gonna be out of town all weekend, so I don't know how much gaming I'll be able to do.  If I return from my trip in time, I'll definitely play more PixelJunk shooter and Critter Crunch on PSN."

Jim "txshurricane" McLaughlin - "I'm on call yet again, so I don't anticipate much gaming. I might fit in a session or two of household favorites Guitar Hero 5 or Modern Warfare 2 to break up the monotony."

Katrina "ShadokatRegn" Pawlowski - "50 Cent: Blood on the Sand! Oh, and hopefully picking up some more Fable 2 achievements. "

Jason "OrigamiPanther" Love - "It's a pretty full weekend of analog gaming this weekend, so I won't be doing too much video gaming. What time I do get I think I'll spend digging through my adventure games and playing some of them."

 What are your gaming plans for this weekend?