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Handsome man caught playing Binary Domain

Binary Domain

One of the joys of seeing piles of new games is that one or two will always be a pleasant surprise.  From what I had read about Binary Domain, my hopes were not high - is it a Japanese game trying to be Gears of War?  Yes, but its not as it first seems.  The game will be 4 player co-op, just like the recent Gears of War 3, and there is a run and cover system that is eerily similar, however, after the basic run and gun gameplay things are pretty different.

Binary Domain has more in common with Lost Planet 2 and Mindjack.  The game's Japanese origins are clear from the art style and use of mega mechs.  Like in Lost Planet 2 the scale of the robots is what lifts the game.  I was able to play through 2 missions and the gameplay felt pleasantly entertaining.  The world has the clean futuristic feel of Mindjack, but unlike that game the controls actually work.  I was tasked in two instances to work my way through a city block and take out a giant mech.  These battles proved to be great fun and it took teamwork between me and my AI (in the full game these characters could be human) allies to bring down the behemoths.

Your interest in Binary Domain may rest on whether you like Japanese style action games or not.  The dialog and characters were a little cheesy in the build I played and reminded me of the worst elements of Resident Evil 5.  However, the potential for co-op gunplay in a new and interesting world, makes this game one to watch.


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