Saints Row: The Third

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 2 Players
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  • + Co-Op Modes
No Exclusive PS3 Content for Saints Row: The Third *UPDATE*
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No Exclusive PS3 Content for Saints Row: The Third *UPDATE*

Looks like PlayStation 3 owners won't be receiving exclusive content for Saints Row: The Third.  What content is that?  No one knows.  Apparently a Sony exec claimed that the PS3 version would have an exclusive mode back at E3 2011, but there has been no further mention of the mystery content by either Sony, Volition, or THQ.   

The folks over at Joystiq played both the PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of the game, and after thoroughly playing through the title on both platforms, the have come to the conclusion that "there's no content difference between the two versions."  They go on to speculate that the survival challenge, "Whored Mode" may have been the exclusive content.  So it doesn't appear anything was dropped from the PS3 version.  Everyone wins in the end.  Have I mentioned that it's a slow news day? Here's a video of a dude getting punched in the junk.

 It got old after about 6 hours.  I'm just kidding.  It never gets old.  In fact, I'm going to max out my notoriety right now and take on all comers with nothing but nut shots. 


Sony has just announced that PS3 owners who redeem their Saints Row: The Third online pass will receive a digital copy of Saints Row 2 “absolutely free.” It’s not exclusive content, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless.  Expect SR2 (which also supports two player online co-op) to show up on your PS3 next week.  The offer is valid through February 13th.  You can see all the details here.