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Super Powered Justice

[E3 2014] - Crackdown Reboot Revealed for Xbox One

Let's be honest. Who really cares about "collateral damage"? Certainly not the explosively-inclined cops of the new Crackdown game revealed today at E3. Yes, everyone's favorite police brutality simulator is being rebooted exclusively for Xbox One. Not too many details have emerged, but it is revealed to have some form of co-op. We can also assume everything is going to be on fire or blowing up.

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Halo, Halo, and...uh...Halo?

[E3 2014] - Microsoft Press Conference Livestream

Microsoft is set to announce...well games. Plan on getting your eyes on Halo 5: Guardians, which isn't set to release until next year. There are plenty of rumors like Halo anniversary editions, and some other surprises. It really is a wide open slate on what we'll see this fall and beyond from Microsoft. With next-gen consoles starting to gather dust due to a lack of releases, expect those gaps to be filled by indie games. 

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Like aural gravy

Let Optimus Prime Tell You All About Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

There are many things that are synonymous with the Transformers franchise; robots being in disguise, films that we pretend don't exist and the voice of Optimus Prime as played by Peter Cullen.  In the latest trailer for Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, the ear candy that is Cullen tells us all about the story of the game.

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Uh oh.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS Releasing in North America

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is releasing on iOS in North America. When you first hear the news you're probably like "What? Seriously?". When you watch the video showing some of the touch controls you'll just sort of nod to yourself, quietly thinking that it makes sense, but virtual controls for Monster Hunter? What? Seriously? The shock soon wears off and you're left with a curious, somewhat pleasant sensation akin to eating just the right amount of blueberry pie.

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The crew gives your their thoughts for the show.

[E3 2014] - Show Predictions

Nick (@nickpuleo)

Heading into my 8th E3, I'm feeling pretty excited. While last year saw the two new big consoles unveiled completely, this year is going to focus solely on the games that will run on them. I'll admit, over the past two years I've slowly begun to favor PC gaming to the point that I rarely touch a console anymore. Still all the glitz and glamour that surrounds them is hard to ignore.

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We're heading to LA, here's how to find the co-op scoop

[E3 2014] - Your Co-Optimus Coverage of the Show

Once again Co-Optimus is heading to Los Angeles, CA to bring you the low down at the video game industry's biggest event - The Electronic Entertainment Expo - or E3 for short. This year we've got three of the crew heading to town with Locke, Nick and Justin bringing you all the goods. Want to hear what's in store for the show? Want to know how you can get the scoop right from the crew? Read on!

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