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A pleasant, very welcome surprise.

The Latest ArmA 3 DLC Takes A More Humanitarian Aim

ArmA 3, a game known for its hardcore simulation of military combat, is shifting its focus slightly with its latest DLC, "Laws of War".  Where much of the base game centers around the moment-to-moment action and tactical decisions required in a firefight, "Laws of War" hones in on the effects of those firefights on both civilians living in the area and humanitarian workers attempting to repair the damage done afterward.

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More fun than actual live fire exercises

ArmA 3 Sells Over a Million Copies

Who says you need to put zombies and dog-eat-dog PvP into your modern military combat simulator for it to be popular? At least one million people have snatched up ArmA 3 since its release last September, as revealed by developer Bohemia Interactive's top dog, Marek Spanel. Of course, it probably wouldn't hurt to have zombies in there, seeing as how Day Z has wracked up twice that sales figure.

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Holy gorgeous looking game.

ArmA 3 Alpha Video Introduces You to the Series

ArmA 3 has hit alpha phase and is actually available to purchase via Steam right now for $32.99. By doing so you get early access to the game, can contribute feedback to its development, and will get full access to the full release once it's ready. If you aren't familiar with the series, ArmA is all about real tactical combat in a sandbox type environment. We've already seen the potential of the series, with ArmA 2 allowing 100 player co-op missions

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Arma 3 E3 2011 Trailer Hints at Something Bigger

Bohemia Interactive have released a teaser trailer for Arma 3, their next iteration in their tactical warfare series for the PC. It sort of blurs the line between live action video and in game footage.  We're actually quite confused at what we're looking at, especially if you let the trailer run passed the closing logo.  

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The War Continues in Arma 3

Boehmia Interactive have announced Arma 3, the sequel to Arma 2.  Shocking, I know.  The series is created by many of the original developers of the first Operation Flashpoint game and it retains a gritty and realistic look at war.  Along with this, the Arma games focus on realistic vehicles and weapons to try to emulate an authentic experience.

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