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This is no April Fool's joke!

Grounded Still Exists, Gets Big Update With Mushrooms and Spiders

Does anyone remember Grounded? It was supposed to be developed by Obsidian as an Xbox exclusive. Did that game actually come out? It did seemingly launch as a Game Preview title last year. Since then, it appears that Grounded has continued to remain operational and even receive improvements. In fact, despite the game's questionable existence, it just received the major 'Doom & Shroom Update' today.

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"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" was a cautionary tale

[XO19] - Get Smol and Survive in Grounded

The other co-op game that was announced/revealed during Microsoft's XO19 was a bit of a surprise, considering the developer. Obsidian, who just released the popular The Outer Worlds RPG, is shifting gears a bit with their next title, Grounded - a game where you have to survive in a backyard after being shrunk to the size of an ant. I mean, I guess every other iteration of a survival game has been done at this point?

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