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This limited edition cabinet promises true arcade quality and 3 co-op classics!

Arcade1Up Opens Preorders for Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet (with Battletoads)

Arcade1Up has released numerous 3/4-scale arcade cabinets over the years, with my favorite being the Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder cabinet. Even the coolest cabinets like that one, however, only feature 17-inch monitors. That's what makes the announcement of the Killer Instinct PRO Series Arcade Cabinet so exciting. The Pro cabinet includes a 19-inch screen, SuzoHapp stick and buttons, and improved speakers. It will feature not just both Killer Instinct arcade games, but also the arcade, NES, and Genesis versions of Battletoads!

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Get a cool green cartridge and fancy packaging with this co-op classic.

Battletoads & Double Dragon Gets a New NES Print Run

It’s hard to imagine nowadays, but long ago, two of the 8-bit era’s most popular beat ‘em up franchises once teamed up in a single game called Battletoads/Double Dragon. Developed by the wizards at Rare, the crossover game deftly mixed the two properties to produce a game that remains well-liked by those who played it. Sadly, Batt...

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Some cool games are on the way, and hopefully we'll learn more this week

[E3 2018] - Microsoft Press Conference Recap

Microsoft's E3 2018 press conference wrapped up just a few hours ago, and there were some exciting things announced, like a new Halo title, Dying Light 2, and Gears 5. While Microsoft Studios is making the right moves towards "hey, come check out our excellent console," it was a bit disappointing that they didn't have more to say about what they were showing.

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It's not like we were good enough to make it to the glitch area, anyway.

Rare Replay to Fix 25 Year Old Battletoads Glitch

Here's one for the record books. Battletoads was released in 1991 with a local co-op mode that reminded you why co-op existed. There was just one problem: on level eleven (you know, the one where a rolling lollipop chases you, then you beat it up at the end), a glitch caused the second player's controller to lock up, insta- and perma-death until the next level. Oops.

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Could the co-op classic be returning to the modern era?

Phil Spencer Wears a Battletoads Shirt, Speculation Ensues

How many people do you know who own a freaking Battletoads t-shirt? We probably couldn't count them on one hand. That being said, Microsoft's own Phil Spencer was seen rocking a sweet Battletoads t-shirt today at the Windows 10 event. If we know Phil like we think we do, we have a gut feeling we'll see something Battletoads related in t...

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