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Can't blame the software if you stink at singing.

Mad Catz Discusses Rock Band 4's Instrument Improvements

Excited for the new Rock Band 4 coming out later this year? Thankfully, we have Mad Catz producing some quality controllers this time around for fans to really rock out on. With reduced technical issues to deal with, the developers reiterated that they didn't want to innovate for innovation's sake. While the devices have been upgraded slightly since the last title, the same general look and feel of each will feel familiar. For longtime fans of Rockband, all these new changes sound very promising.

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Online co-op sputters and dies, if it ever really lived in the first place.

Nintendo to Pull Wii and DS Online Services in May

Get in your last few rounds of online Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart DS, because on May 20, Nintendo is handing its Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service a pair of cement shoes. This means matchmaking, leaderboards and online play for over 400 Wii and DS games will cease to exist, forcing players around the world to sit with people in person to play last-gen multiplayer games.

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Guitar Hero is Not Dead Yet, Thanks to You!

Thanks to massive fan support, (or an overwhelming desire to cash in) DLC for the Guitar Hero franchise is not quite dead yet.  We previously reported that Activision had dissolved their Guitar Hero division in response to the poor performance of music games in general.   New DLC was no longer going to be available after February.  It seems that pumping out a new game every couple of months has repercussions when considering the rule of supply and demand.  (When's that new Call of Duty game coming out again?)

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Activision Dissolves Guitar Hero Division

Today is the day the music died.  Activision has dissolved the Guitar Hero business unit within its company, laying off almost 500 employees and effectively ending the franchise...for now.  This decision affects both the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games as well as all future DLC.  New songs will stopped being added to both games after this month.

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LevelUp Announces the Rock Band Ottoman

Lets face it - your living room is beginning to look like a McDonald's Play Place and there isn't a McRib in sight. Your room is littered with plastic guitars, fake drum sets, microphones, and other peripherals used for Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and other co-op music games.  And the worst part?  The only time you break this stuff out is for parties.  There is hope though - LevelUp has a solution that both looks stylish and is functional.  Enter the officially license Rock Band Storage Ottoman.

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Dismal Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Sales Could Signal a Trend in the Music Genre

If you've been following the yearly to bi-yearly releases of music games, you know the genre is becoming increasingly competitive.  But could the over saturation of music titles be signaling a change in consumers wants?  Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz has put Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock sales numbers at 89,000 units for the first 5 days following launch.  It may not sound that bad, but lets look at some perspective.

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