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A good mid-tier offering with a few drawbacks

ASTRO A20 Gen 2 Review

ASTRO debuted its first A20 (Gen 1) wireless headset three years ago as a mid-tier alternative to the pricier A50. As the gaming industry prepared for the launch of the current gen consoles (PS5 and Series X), so, too, did ASTRO; this past October they launched the Gen 2 version of the A20 wireless headset, which touts a couple new features over the Gen 1 while still maintaining that mid-tier pricing.

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A stylish new color palette for the acclaimed Cloud MIX

HyperX Cloud MIX Rose Gold Impressions

While I’m a big fan in general of HyperX’s gaming headsets, the Cloud MIX is still one of my very favorites. It is by far the most versatile headset I’ve had the opportunity to use, supporting use with a single 3.5mm jack (for mobile devices, certain computers/laptops, and consoles), dual 3.5mm jacks (for computers that support an audio/microphone jack set-up), and Bluetooth connections.

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HyperX goes back to their PC roots with the Cloud Alpha S

HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset Review

HyperX continues to evolve its headset line-up with its recently released gaming headset, the Cloud Alpha S. After having reviewed six other audio/microphone devices in the HyperX arsenal (the Cloud Stinger, the Cloud Revolver S, the Cloud Flight Wireless, the Cloud Stinger Wireless, the Cloud MIX Wired, and the Cloud Earbuds), I was delighted to f...

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