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Time Crisis: Razing Storm Supports Playstation 3's Move

Lightgun shooters are having a bit of a renaissance due to the pointer capabilties of the Wii controller.  The Playstation Move controller now brings lightgun shooters to your living room in glorious high-def.  One of the first comes from the venerable Time Crisis franchise.  Time Crisis: Razing Storm  is the latest iteration of the series in arcades, and is coming to the Playstation 3 this fall. 

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Creepiness Abounds in Dead Space Extraction Gameplay Footage

Dead Space Extraction has us intrigued.  First of all, the previous Dead Space game was fairly well received, though unfortunately it was single player only.  Secondly, the announcement of the game was a bit unclear.  Was it a straight port of the previous game?  Could the graphics capabilities of the Wii keep up?  Finally, Dead Space Extraction was revealed as a two person co-op "on the rails" style shooter.  This announcement caused some controversy, and many lost faith that Extraction would live up to the quality level of the first game.

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Co-Op Casual Friday: Wiimote Shooters

This week on Casual Friday, we'll take a look at several games, all in the same genre.  Each of these games are for the Wii; Nintendo's console is a fine choice for casual gaming, though certainly not the only option.  The unique capabilities of the Wii remote have led to something of a renaissance in an old, but dearly beloved game type: the lightgun shooter.  We'll look at several examples of Wiimote shooters today in our quest for the best co-op title in the lot. One of the first things a non-gamer will say when you hand them an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller is "what do all these buttons do?"  It can be overwhelming to say the least.  Consider the Wiimote, though.  The pointer motion is quite natural, and easy to understand.  There are lots of buttons, yes, but A and B are much larger and more prominent in a tactile way.  The device is a perfect fit for the simple point and shoot philosophy of lightgun games, and Nintendo obviously knows this.

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