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Co-Op MechWarrior Game is Cancelled, Becomes F2P Versus Game

It was only a week ago today that we told you more news would be coming about a brand new MechWarrior title.  Now that "soon" has arrived, I've been tasked with the bearer of bad news.  While we did get the information promised about the game, now called MechWarrior Online, we've learned that the original concept for the MechWarrior game has been scrapped in favor of a Free 2 Play PC exclusive game with micro transactions.

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New MechWarrior Game Announced, Four Player Co-Op Included

After seven LONG years, fans of giant robotic battles will get the game they've so desperately wanted.  Today IGN has the exclusive announcement of MechWarrior, a complete reboot of the series.  The game is being produced by Jordan Weisman, one of the original creator's of the BattleTech universe, and co-founder of Smith and Tinker.

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