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Soulja Boy Doesn't like Co-Op

Sometimes in this wide world of web information, there's a video game related piece of news or video that simply too good to pass up and not share with you fine folks here at Co-Optimus.  Even though this video has nothing to do with cooperative gaming, perhaps in some twisted sense, it shows just why we all love to play co-op more than competitive.

by Marc Allie 4

Co-Op Classics Community Edition: Diablo 2

This week, we'll mix up the Co-Op Classics formula just a bit.  It has certainly been a huge news week, particularly today with the announcement of another class, the Wizard, in Diablo III.  Much as the original announcement of the game did this past summer, this got me to thinking about the original Diablo games.  Obviously, co-op was a huge factor in the success of these games.  So which class combinations are the most effective?  I'll give you my take on a combo from Diablo 2, and we'd love to hear from the Co-Optimus community as well.  Which class combinations do you feel are the best?

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New Diablo III Class Announcement Today!

The news just keeps on rolling in today.  Between the Tokyo Game Show and this weekend's BlizzCon, it's a busy time for those craving gaming information!  According to the BlizzCon program guide, some new Diablo III information will be revealed today.  The biggest news is the hint of a "new champion" who will join the Witch Doctor and the Barbarian, previously announced.  As soon as the news hits, we'll let you know.  Personally, I am pulling for the Rainbrow Brite class, though I'm not sure that would translate well into a male version.  (Gotta love that mount, though!)  In any event, check back later today for the actual announcement!

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This Week in Co-Op: Duke Nukem 3D

This week has been a busy one for me. That's part of the reason why This Week in Co-Op is a day late. However, I hope that I can make it up to you all. I think I might be able to, because I've been spending the week playing a game that most all gamers can agree is either cool, or at least features a cool character. The game in question is Duke Nukem 3D on XBLA,.

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