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Everybody loves enhanced stuff!

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Out Now

Role playing game fans everywhere have cause to flood the streets with their joyous cries. Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition is now live for $24.99 on steam, a meager 13 years after the original hit. Import your main character from the last game or whip up another from scratch and dive headfirst into Advanced Dungeons and Dragons warfare. With additional characters, improved graphics, and more tweaked gameplay, there has never been a better reason to return to the Forgotten Realms in search of glory and sweet loot. 

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"Blue Light of Death" Reported

PlayStation 4 Launch Issues - Faulty Systems, PSN Struggles

Sony's PlayStation 4 launched yesterday and as with any major release there are a few technical issues right out of the gate. Numerous users are reporting dead systems out of the box or after the 1.50 update; which is mandatory to access many of the console's features. Anyone who tried to play a game online during launch night also knows there were quite a few issues with PSN and for a period of time, users couldn't even sign in.

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Xbox 360/PS3 versions update is arriving soon.

PAYDAY 2 'Armored Transport' DLC Now Available on PC

The very first officially DLC for PAYDAY 2 went live yesterday; the first of many from Overkill Games! The “Armored Transport” DLC grants a variety of additional content, most predominately new armored vehicle heist missions as the title suggests. In addition to the newly added armored car and train heist missions (all playable acros...

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Not even the power of Next Gen can give Rayman arms or legs.

Rayman Legends heading to Playstation 4 and Xbox One in February

All of you folks who don't own any video gaming consoles, yet look at purchasing the next gen systems, are now officially allowed to rejoice. Ubisoft has gone ahead and done everybody a favor and announced Rayman Legends for Playstation 4 and Xbox One, launching in February 2014. I have a theory that if enough people play co-op platformers together the human race can put aside their differences and no longer have a need for war. Or somebody is going to get jumped on at the wrong time, lose their last life by plummeting into an abyss, and then eradicate the human race with a volley of nuclear strikes. 

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Roll for support

Eon Altar Now on Kickstarter

You may remember that this last year at PAX East, I went hands-on with a neat little game called Eon AltarEon Altar combines a tabletop RPG experience with the modern technology of smartphones and tablets for pretty awesome results. Last week, a kickstarter was launched for the game, and now it's your turn to help out if you want to see this game come to life.

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