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Save Citizens, Annihilate Zombies, Co-Op Together in "Atom Zombie Smasher"

There's a new zombie game out now on PC, Mac and Linux - but its unlike any other zombie game on the market.  Atom Zombie Smasher is a new strategy game from developer Blendo Games, makers of Flotilla.  Atom Zombie Smasher is a strategy game that gives players an overview of a section of a city overrun by zombies. Players must select an evacuation zone and then protect it from zombies as they try to rescue a certain number of civilians per map.  

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CCV Blogs - February Week 1

It's looking like we've got a room full of slackers for the first week of this month, as only one of you brave community members was up to the task of creating an awesome Backlog blog. It's really easy - just head over to our Blogs and write one. We're not too picky on content as long as it stays somewhat on topic. Speaking of, I know a lot of us have this topic on our mind: Co-optimus Community Voice: My Backlog, Let Me Show You It.

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Defenders of Ardania: The Best Thing To Happen To Tower Defense Since...Ever.

Sometimes it’s nice to see people take a different approach to a familiar medium. Paradox Interactive has done just that with the upcoming Tower Defense/RTS title Defenders of Ardania. Defenders of Ardania has a few tricks up its sleeve that are only accomplished thanks to the blending of strategy army building, tower defense tower building, and the ability to defend, or attack, or both if the situation calls for it.

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Our Weekend in Gaming - Snowy Superbowl Edition

The winter continues to pound much of the United States with snow and ice this weekend along with some pretty frigid temperatures over almost all 48 states in the continental US.   This means that aside from watching the Super Bowl in a snowy and icey Texas (whaaaa?!!?) we'll also be staying in and playing more and more games.  Here's what's on tap.

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Halo Remake Looking More Likely for this Fall shed a little light on the worst kept secret in the gaming industry today.  Halo: Combat Evolved, the "killer app" for the original Xbox, is getting a remake.  Sources confirmed to, "...the re-release is not Bungie's 2001 Xbox game simply running at a higher resolution -- it's being remade with new art assets."  It appears Halo is getting more than just a high-def polishing:

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