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Killzone 3 Finally, Officially, has Split-Screen Co-Op. No, Really. [UPDATE]

The on again, off again, relationship that Killzone 3 has with co-op gameplay appears to be on again.  We think for good this time.  According to an interview at 1UP with the game's managing director, Herman Hulst, Killzone 3 will have at the very least, 2 player split-screen co-op support.  Details are still sketchy as to exactly what that co-op is - whether its campaign, a survival mode, or something else [UPDATE See below] - but we do know that Guerilla has spent a lot of time optimizing the engine to render two screens at once...despite it being "a lot of work."

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Co-Optimus Holiday Gift Guide Round-Up

While the holidays are wrapping up for some, they are just beginning for others.  If you still have folks you need buy presents for, Co-Optimus has your back with a few gift ideas in a variety of ways.  Not only do we have our holiday gift guides for co-op gamers, but we have some other exclusive merchandise that can make your family or friends feel truly special.  

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Live at the Spike TV VGAs (Two Days Later)

Our esteemed Managing Editor, Nick Puleo, mentioned an opportunity to cover the Spike TV Video Game Awards.  It seemed that I was the most qualified staff member to cover this event.  And by most qualified, I mean that I live closest to Los Angeles.  After we received confirmation on the press credential I had a sudden realization, which I shared with Nick in this Google chat message:

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Electronic Arts President Says Single Player Games are Dead

EA Games' label president Frank Gibeau has made a bold statement, basically saying that, the single player only experience is not in the Electronic Arts portfolio moving forward.  "Online is where the innovation, and the action, is at.  It's not only about multiplayer, it's about being connected," he said, "I firmly believe that the way the products we have are going they, need to be connected online. Multiplayer is one form of that." 

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