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Security Contractor Enters Serious Games Award with Checkpoint Recon

We've seenz video games infiltrate the armed forces before, be it a Microsoft controller used to pilot a bomb squad robot or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (as seen above), games used as recruitment tools, and even games as training simulators. Soon, we may get a taste of commercialized simulators that are being developed by defense contractors, not completely unlike how America's Army came about.

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Mercs Inc. Announced After Footage Leak

If you recall the news that Pandemic Studios had been closed with its IPs intact at EA, then this may not come as much of a surprise: a third game in the Mercenaries franchise was under way. What is surprising - or at least interesting - about this revelation is that the game was set to feature four-player co-op and open-world multiplayer. A former employee revealed the embedded pre-alpha trailer for Mercs Inc, which we first saw last week over at hub site Colony of Gamers. By way of damage control, EA formally confirmed the game's existence before the rumor could get too far.

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Happy Thanksgiving - Co-Optimus Gives Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in North America.  It's a holiday about family, friends, and togetherness.  Most importantly it's a holiday about giving thanks for the things in life we may take for granted.  So to celebrate we thought we'd give thanks for co-op gaming, and the staff each weighed in on the subject.

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