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This Week in Co-Op: The Trials of the Painted Queen

MAN IN BLACK: Welcome once again, friends, to another exciting… Tale from the Borderlands!!!  Starring that cunning, curvaceous Camilla of combat… Lilith J Leapomeyer! When we last left our lovely leading lady, she was having some difficulty keeping her most recent manservant, Brick, in one place for any period of time.  Ditching the fleet-footed fool at the first sleazy bar she could find, our habilable heroine enlisted the help of a young soldier by the name of Roland.  Join them now as they discover mystery, excitement, and danger in... The Trials of the Painted Queen!

by Marc Allie 4
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8-Bit Left 4 Dead Finished, Now Available, Has Co-Op!

Sometimes, glorious nostalgia merges with modern artistry, and awesomeness is the result.  Such is the case with the unofficial "de-make" of Left 4 Dead.  Named Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead, it's an 8-bit answer to the question, "What if Left 4 Dead was made in 1988?"  The official site for the game is down at the moment, no doubt due to the mad downloading frenzy of Left 4 Dead fans.  In the meantime, you can download Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead, with glorious two player couch co-op, right here.

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