Happy Wars

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Happy Wars Adds Weekly Missions, Teases Co-Op Challenge
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Happy Wars Adds Weekly Missions, Teases Co-Op Challenge

You can also buy Happy Lite cards in 10 packs

I'm always amazed when I see news about a game that is over a year old getting an update. When that game is three years old, that's even more impressive. Happy Wars, the third-person arena action game that saw its release on Xbox One this past spring, received its twentieth (twenty-fifth?) title update last month.

The biggest addition to the game is the inclusion of weekly missions, which players can go through to earn additional happy points and other rewards. Weekly challenges are always a good way to add some legs to a game and get players in for at least a couple hours each week (isn't that right, Destiny?) Aside from the weekly missions, there are some new items you can buy and the Happy Lite card packs can now be acquired in bundles of 10 so you don't spend all day opening those things.

The end of the video also teases that a new way to earn co-op points will be forthcoming in a future update with the inclusion of special challenges.

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