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Mad creepin, no peepin.

Win a Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

If you happened to miss it, we just posted a Co-Op FAQ for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition on the site. Better late then never, right? Keeping with the Minecraft theme and with Halloween right around the corner it's a good time to combine the two. It's always fun to dress up in your favorite videogame character, like perhaps, a Creeper from Minecraft? Co-Optimus and have you covered with a giveaway just in time for Trick Or Treat.

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GTA What?

Saints Row IV PC and PlayStation 3 Giveaway

Sure there might be another open world game out you've been seeing dominating your friends list, but there's a problem. There's no way to play co-op in Grand Theft Auto V...yet. There's a bigger problem too, GTA doesn't have awesome super powers or a dubstep gun. It's sort of a no contest really. Would you rather play tennis and hanglide or shoot some fools with sick beats while flying like Superman. So if you're a cool cat here's your chance to enter our giveaway for Saints Row IV courtesy of Deep Silver.

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