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Overviews of the FF14: Stormblood and Secret World Legends launches

MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXVIII: Storms and Legends

This summer is off to a really strong start for MMO players. Following the launch of ESO: Morrowind at the end of May, some other big titles landed at the end of June after June’s column went out, so we’ll be doubling back into June to take a look at them in this July’s issue of MMO Co-Opportunities. Specifically, we’ll be c...

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Real and actual co-op in a numbered Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy XV to Receive Online Co-Op DLC

Everywhere you go, Final Fantasy XV is there. Square-Enix has been aggressively pushing the game in the last weeks before release, showing off trailers and screenshots and announcing all sorts of content updates for the future. Before you put up your blinders and go back to playing co-op games, here this bit of good news: online co-op is coming to Final Fantasy 15Now it's safe to board the hype train.

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