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Free-Peating The Success

Dungeon Defenders 2 is Freeing the Power of the Ancients This December

As if Dungeon Defenders 2 wasn’t wonderful enough in its current form, costing $0.00 and brimming with content, the developers at Trendy Entertainment have announced the first of many updates that will bring even more content to an already full game. Meaning that for the still low price of FREE you can play a full game and get your update on in a few short weeks.

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Play Group Missions online with others, as long as you have stamina

Free-to-Play Version of Toukiden 2 Now Available

If you're only somewhat interested in slaying oni with your friends, then Koei Tecmo has a deal for you. Toukiden 2: Free Alliances arrived yesterday for the PlayStation 4 and Vita and it allows you to check out some of what the full game has to offer as a kind of free-to-play version. In this case, it means you can only play a few missions each day before you run out of "Stamina" and have to wait for it to regenerate.

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Plarium Games continues to deliver countless titles for mobile and pc gamers

Free To Play Games like Throne: Kingdom at War are Driven by Co-Op Elements

Free to play games, specifically those popular on mobile platforms, are growing and an incredible rate. The sheer size and volume of these games are not to be underestimated. The developers behind these games have grown equally as impressive in size, sometimes dwarfing those companies that put out AAA Console and PC games. One of those developers is Plarium.

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