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Free games and dinosaurs

Steam Code Giveaway - Guardians of Orion and ORION: Prelude

ORION: Prelude was released back in 2012 to quite negative reviews. Over the years the developers continued to garner feedback and update the game, a process we documented in our Indie-Ana Co-Op with TREK Industries. Their next game, Guardians of Orion may be following a similar path. Since release it has transformed from a twin-stick shooter to a hybrid game where gamers can choose to play from any perspective. Both games are built around cooperative play.

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The 8-bit Zombie Shooter Finds New "Unlife" on Steam

Dead Pixels Shambles onto Steam, Code Giveaway

One of my favorite indie co-op games from last year, and even still today, was Can’t Strife Right Studios’ zombie shooter meets 8-bit beat ‘em up, Dead Pixels. It was a fresh take on a genre/theme of games (i.e., zombies) that is starting to wear its welcome out a bit. Between the ‘70s film grain effect, the nods and winks at various zombie games/films that came before, and the RPG elements, Dead Pixels was the kind of game that got me started on the whole indie kick in the first place. Now, the joy of killing 8-bit zombies can be shared even more with friends and family as Dead Pixels has arrived on Steam, and it has brought with it a handful of goodies.

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