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Grab some co-op games from PSN's Sale of the Dead to get into the Halloween spirit

PSN Two-Week Sale on Tricks and Treats

Playstation Network has started up a two-week-long sale on spooky games and movies as befits this time of the year. Each week will have a slew of Halloween-esque sales: up to 65% off for everyone, and up to 80% off for PS Plus members. And the good news is that there's a healthy dose of co-op games included in the sale!

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Prices so low you'll scream.

Give Your Wallet to Valve - It's Time for Another Steam Sale

Valve is holding a Steam sale to celebrate Halloween with many of the titles on sale featuring horror elements. Valve will use any holiday as an excuse for a sale. There's an INCREDIBLE number of titles discounted at least 25% off, with many offering 50% to 75% off their normal price. We've compiled a list of all of the co-op titles you can acquire. Weep for your wallets ladies and gentlemen, weep for them.

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Isn't Halloween known for its treats?

PlayStation Store's 'Sale of the Dead' Event Currently Underway

With only a week to go until Halloween time, now is the perfect time to dive into some scary games that go with the holiday very nicely. Starting tomorrow, the PlayStation Store is holding its “Sale of the Dead” event, providing tons of sweet discounts on both single player AND co-op games alike! PlayStation Plus members will be able to grab as much as 80% discounts on some of these games, so it’s most definitely worth looking into.

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Don't miss your chance to grab this couch co-op rail-shooter.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Free for PlayStation Plus Subscribers

Originally launched in June of 2012, Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection is free for US PlayStation Plus subscribers this month. The collection features two full games, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, both PlayStation Move rail-shooting titles.

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Shield of Geekery Plus 3

E3 2013 - NVidia Shield Hands on Impressions

The NVIDIA Shield went up for pre-order just a few weeks ago. The Android powered controller is a unique take on mobile gaming, giving players two distinct ways to play games on the go. The device features a 5" Tegra 4 powered Android screen matched with a fully functional gaming controller. But you aren't limited to just Android games on this device - you can stream games from Steam.

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