Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Our Weekend In Gaming: Express Delivery
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Our Weekend In Gaming: Express Delivery

Fresh weekends, delivered right to your doorstep.

Another workweek has come and gone, folks.  Maybe you're exhausted, maybe you're feeling accomplished, or maybe you're trying to cover up the fact that your half-brother was assassinated using a deadly nerve agent.  Whatever the case, you're undoubtedly ready for a chance to relax and really dig into the latest co-op titles.  

This weekend, the Co-Opticrew will be delivering bullets to Nazis, delivering freedom to Bolivia, and delivering all that sweet, sweet loot to our own coffers.  Check it out.

Nick Puleo (@NickPuleo) - "Same as last weekend - Sniper Elite 4 and Halo Wars 2!"

Jason Love (@JLove55) - "More Nioh, cornering the real estate market in Yakuza 0, and checking out Black Bolt in Marvel Heroes 2016."

Mike Katsufrakis (@Pheriannath) - "Some more Sniper Elite 2, Nioh, and Final Fantasy XIV all sound great to me."

Eric Murphy (@smurph_em) - "I've got a busy weekend but I'm going to try to squeeze in some time for the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta tonight. If all works out, we'll be streaming on our Twitch channel tonight."

Marc Allie (@DjinniMan) - "I've been down with pneumonia all week and hoping to recover with some Heroes of the Storm and some board gaming."

John Bardinelli (@itsamejohn) - "I'm saying a last hurrah to the Wii U and playing through  Paper Mario Color Splash."

Locke Vincent (@LockeVincent) - "I'm going to spot Nick and Mike while they shoot Nazi's in the face from far away. Also working on capping stuff for the Death Squared review with some couch buddies."

Sam Tyler (@thereelsamtyler) - "I was planning to get through some Deus Ex 2 and maybe crack on with Gears of War 4."

Tally Callahan - "More Overwatch and board games for me."

Enoch Starnes (@enochstarnes) - "A barcade is the destination tonight, but otherwise, I'll probably be spending more time with Tales of Berseria and the Ghost Recond: Wildlands beta."

So, will you be playing any of the latest releases, or are you finishing up an older title?  Let us know in the comments!