River City Girls 2

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
River City Girls 2 Will Have 4-Player Co-op and Fearsome Foes
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River City Girls 2 Will Have 4-Player Co-op and Fearsome Foes

That’s twice as much co-op as the first game!

We swear we’re not specifically a River City Girls fan site – we cover other games too! This week has been loaded with news for the beloved beat ‘em up series, though. First, WayForward announced a release date for the console versions of River City Girls Zero, and then a date for the Steam version arrived a few days later. Now, WayForward has dropped a bombshell for River City Girls 2: the game will feature 4-player co-op! That’s going to make for some chaotic brawling when the game arrives later this year.

Along with the news of 4-player co-op support (which we assume will apply to both online and offline multiplayer), WayForward also revealed the premise of River City Girls 2 and its villains. In the first game, protagonists Kyoko and Misako defeated the villainess, Sabuko. The sequel picks up with Sabuko’s father, a crime lord named Sabu, escaping from prison and seizing control of River City. Sabu’s son Ken (who shows up in River City Girls Zero) joins the family fight against the good guys. The antagonist’s henchmen include a tech expert called Tsuiko, Primo the chef, and Blaire the witch. Hey, that sounds like the name of a movie!

River City Girls 2

River City Girls 2 features:

  • Six playable characters, each with their own fighting styles and upgradable move sets!
  • Enhanced combat: guard crushes, lift-off combos, and more!
  • River City is bigger than ever! New locations with multiple routes and secret areas!
  • Play solo or team up with [friends], locally or online
  • New hired henchmen aid players in battle! Hold two recruits at once!
  • Loads of NPCs to meet, interact with, and punch in the face — including surprise cameos!
  • Awesome anime intro, comic book cutscenes, English and Japanese voiceovers, and a spectacular soundtrack featuring RCG1 composer Megan McDuffee!

The newly released trailer showcases the game’s villains and teases 4-player mode. The video ends a bit awkwardly, but it still brings plenty of hype to what looks like an amazing beat ‘em up sequel.

River City Girls 2 will sell for $39.99 when it arrives on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and Steam during Q4 of this year. Limited Run games will open up physical preorders soon, and Play-Asia already has preorders for physical collections of River City Girls 1 and 2 on PlayStation and Switch.

For more info, don’t miss our doubtlessly deluxe developer interview, and don’t forget that the prequel, River City Girls Zero, arrives on Xbox and PlayStation on September 13 and on Steam on September 22!