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Nintendo Gamecube

Mike Katsufrakis: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Marc Allie: Mario Cart Double Dash
Tally CallahanBaldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Chris Metz: Mario Kart Double Dash, FF Crystal Chronicles, X-men Legends, X-Men Legends 2, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

The staff pulls out a few somewhat niche titles, but titles that I think many will remember fondly. While many of the most well-remembered titles may have been competitive or single-player, there were certainly some co-op gems played on this system.

Staff Quote on Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance:

"A well-used hand-me-down Gamecube and Xbox were the first consoles my boyfriend and I ever owned. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance was one of the first co-op games we got. We had an absolute blast playing it, and it started the trend for us playing ARPGs on consoles locally that we continue to this day." - Tally

Nintendo Wii

Mike Katsufrakis: New Super Mario Brothers
Marc Allie: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Jason Love: Dr. Mario
Chris Metz: Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Justin Reynolds: Dead Space Extraction

Surprising no one, we see a couple of classic platforming franchises; however, I think that titles like Dead Space Extraction took us by surprise. Who would have thought a co-op horror game on the Wii would be so enjoyable?

Staff Quote on Dead Space Extraction:

"Dead Space Extraction provided me tons of fun solo, but even more fun with a buddy. I felt like a kid again, sitting in front of the TV with a friend with two Nyko gun peripherals going through this intense and horrifying railshooter.  Sweaty palms, tons of jumps, tons of 'ohhhh s***!"'and seeing why something was the way it was in Dead Space 1... it was all a blast." -Justin

Nintendo WiiU

Mike Katsufrakis: Super Mario 3D World
Marc Allie: Super Mario 3D World
Chris Metz: Pikmin 3
John Bardinelli: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

The WiiU is not really known for its monstrous library, but it's certainly a great system for co-op with the people in our lives that consider themselves casual gamers. Games like Super Mario 3D World are great to play with the family and non-gamer friends. And then there are the titles that are clearly directed towards the more hardcore, like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Staff Quote on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate:

I was going to put Rayman Origins here, but then I remembered I've spent a healthy 457 hours playing MH3U, almost every minute of which has been co-op with a friend. We've played online, we've lugged our systems around to play in the same room, we've sat on porches grasping 3DS systems as our thumbs cramped from hours of play. I think that qualifies as a good experience.  - John