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Guitar Hero: WT and Rock Band 2 Note Tracks, Side by Side

When the Guitar Hero World Tour track list was revealed, there were several surprises, both good and bad.  Falling into that latter category were the large number of songs that are already represented in the Rock Band franchise.  Now that both games have launched, how do the two games stack up against each other?  If only there was some way to make a direct comparison between them, say, on a song included in both games...

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Little and Big Origins

MediaMolecule’s upcoming release for the Playstation 3, LittleBigPlanet, is certainly causing quite a stir, both here on Co-Optimus and abroad. With the recent announcement that not only will there be Sackboys of characters from your favorite third-party Sony games, but all of the user-created beta levels will be available at launch as well, the hype for this game is growing more and more. With the game slowly trickling out to a release, we here at Co-Optimus thought we’d take a look back at the classic games that have helped to pave the way for games like LittleBigPlanet.

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Unlock All the Guitar Hero: World Tour Songs

So, you picked up Gitar Hero World Tour, and had your buddies over for some co-op head banging action.  Imagine your disappointment when a mere trifle of the game's 84 tracks are available from the get go.  Worry no longer, folks, there's hope yet.  A cheat code is available that allows all the songs to be selected.  This code must be entered from the Options > Cheats > Enter Cheat menu:

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LittleBigPlanet and Saints Row Sequels Already in Swing

  A short while after Saints Row 2 has hit the shelves - and before LittleBigPlanet was even available to play, the developers have let slip that respective sequels are already in production. Whether or not the new games will extend the co-op experiences that both have fairly successfully provided is unknown at this point, but rest assured...

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Guitar Hero: WT Instruments Broken Out of the Box?

It's like an echo through time of one year ago.  A major rhythm game with cool new hardware is released, and angry gamers find that their expensive plastic instruments aren't working properly.  This time, it's Guitar Hero: World Tour, though, and not Rock Band that's the culprit.  Joystiq reports that the most common problem seems to be broken cymbals, followed by drum heads and then the new guitar controller.  Unfortunately for GH fans, the Activision warranty isn't quite up to par with Rock Band's: players must ship back controllers at their own expense.  Hopefully, if the problem is indeed as widespread as Rock Band's were last year, they will change their customer service policies.  In the meantime, you might try your luck returning your gear to your local retailer.

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