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Steam version will be available for the first time March 14th

Dead Rising 4 Will Release on Steam Mid-March

Dead Rising 4 had a simultaneous PC and Xbox One release date back in December, but many PC gamers were unhappy that the only PC version available was the Microsoft Store version (making it Windows 10 only). In under a month, this will no longer be the case, because Dead Rising 4 will also be distributed via Steam starting March 14th.

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The story of Frank can only be told to one person

No Campaign Co-Op for Dead Rising 4, Separate Mode Only

While it initially sounded like Dead Rising 4 was going to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and support co-op in the main campaign, a recent hands-on demo of the title has revealed that co-op will be relegated to a separate mode altogether. If you want to kill zombies in the mall with friends, you'll have to do it without Frank.

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