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PC players get enormous new DLC installment for L4D2.

Left 4 Dead 2 Releases Free Community-created DLC

Last week, Valve released a hefty piece of DLC for zombie-killing co-op classic, Left 4 Dead 2. Titled "The Last Stand," it packs a punch with 26 new survival arenas, 4 new scavenge areas, and a full-blown campaign based around The Lighthouse survival map. On top of that, there's new melee weapons (from Counter-strike: Source), new/reworked animations, PVP updates, and 30 additional achievements.

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Hot deals on 35 other co-op titles from Bethesda, Valve, and more.

Co-Op Deals: Elder Scrolls Online Only $12 in PC Game Spring Sale

One can understand not wanting to spend the full $60 on The Elder Scrolls Online as its essentially a 2014 title (that was re-released in 2015 as Tamriel Unlimited). But when the price of ESO drops to $12, gamers on the sideline are probably taking note. To buy or not to buy, that's the dilemma now in GMG's Spring PC Gaming Sale with a return of historic low price on the Standard Edition of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and a new historic low price for Imperial Editions at only $16.

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Pricier Imperial Edition also on price chop block.

Elder Scrolls Online PC Falls to $12 at GMG Encore Sale

Since Thursday, July 9th, digital retailer GMG has been running its 2015 Summer Sale featuring discounts up to 90% off on hundreds of PC games. The sale introduced batch of gaming deals each day, with deals lasting for about 24 hours. You now have a longer duration to check out all the PC game deals within the sale as the retailer goes into the "encore" phase. In addition to instant savings, there's a stacking 20% off coupon code which is making ridiculous pricing on several titles including $8 H1Z1, $12 Elder Scrolls Online - plus deals on noteable co-op franchise such as Borderlands and Evolve.

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If so, co-op gaming may become hotter than ever!

Will Evolve Be Able to Top Left 4 Dead's Legendary Co-Op?

In a few months, Turtle Rock Studios is going to launch their latest game, Evolve, looking to combine many elements that I fell in love with in their previous work, Left 4 Dead. In many ways, I look at this new game as an opportunity for developer to shape yet another generation of gamers into co-op lovers just like me. Therefore, I've decided ...

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