by Nick Puleo 5
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Guitar Hero 5 will support Xbox Live Avatars

Could this be one of the first really interesting use of Xbox Live's avatar system?  Activision has announced that Guitar Hero 5 will allows rockers to import their avatar into the game.  Co-Op just got a whole lot more personal as your mini-me will shred virtual metal next to the rest of your friends and their avatars.

by Jim McLaughlin 10
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Left 4 Dead 2 Infected Are Climate-Savvy

I've been to the Ninth Ward of New Orleans three times -- the first time just five months after hurricane Katrina ravaged the city -- and can attest that the weather is pretty much always gross. Houston isn't much better, but if Left 4 Dead 2 had been set in southeast Texas, the ammo piles and assault weapons would be so close together survival would be a cakewalk. Thus: New Orleans, and better for it.

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