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This Week in Co-Op: Age of Booty

Arrrr, avast ye scabrous scallywags!  With the recent release of the Tales of Monkey Island game, and the upcoming release (as of the time of this writing) Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, I was in a very pirate-y mood this weekend.  So I decided to play the only (dyarrrr, that takes the wind out o’ me sails) co-op pirate game out there, Certain Affinity’s Age of Booty.  With a few fellow lubbers in tow, we set sail in the hopes to pillage some villages, sink a few ships, and fill our holds with pieces of eight. Age of Booty is a real-time strategy game that puts you in control of a pirate ship that’s out to capture a few towns before your rivals.  You only control the one ship, which can be upgraded through the collection of resources that are generated by the town.  In the single player mode, you and a group of AI partners race against the other pirates to capture the most towns first.  In co-op mode, the goal is the same, but you now have real live partners to help out, which is a much preferable option.  Since none of us were exactly up for searching for another group of players to take down, we went with the tried and true comp stomp.  My friends and I formed the Red Hand team (and a more foul-tempered, grog-swilling, bloodthirsty gang o’ Jacks you will not meet), while our AI adversaries, the fearsome Admiral Enis and his band of Trained Monkeys, formed the Poison Talons.  With the teams set for a 4v4 match, all that was left was for us to get to pillaging! YARRR!

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Super Stardust HD Co-Op Review

Sure the game is over a year old, but that doesn't mean PlayStation 3 owners should miss out on this frantic and beautiful shooter. It's a dash of Geometry Wars and a dash of Asteroids for the modern age. Of course we wouldn't talk about it if it wasn't for co-op...

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