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Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Co-Op Review

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection is a bundle of 2007's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and 2009's Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. Both games originally appeared on the Nintendo Wii and are now available for download on the PlayStation 3. Find out if the years have been kind to Capcom's on-rails shooters in our Co-Op Review.

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Steam is Coming to Linux

Your Steam library may be coming to Linux soon, or at least, some of it will.  Valve have officially announced a version of the Steam will be coming to at least one flavor of the penguin powered operating system, namely Ubuntu.  Of course just because the Steam platform will be making an appearance, doesn't mean you'll instantly be able to play all of your games without Windows.  Much like the Mac version of the digital distribution platform, games will need to be able to run on Linux first.

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Three New Resident Evil 6 Gameplay Videos, Four Player Co-Op On Display

Three new videos for Resident Evil 6 have hit the internet. Each one focuses on one of the three converging campaigns. Chris and Piers are searching for an invisible enemy. Leon and Helena traverse a dark subway tunnel. Jake and Sherry team up with Leon and Helena and do battle with the freakish Ustanak. It's solid gameplay footage that seeks to capture the mood of each storyline.

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