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Two old dudes enter...

Stronghold Crusader 2 DLC Giveaway - The Emperor and the Hermit

We had checked out Stronghold Crusader 2 and its two player co-op mode back in September. Impressive and detailed visuals combined with addictive gameplay made it one of our favorite co-op RTS games to come along for some time. Developer FireFly Studios has continued support for the game with several free and premium updates adding content, tweaks, and new modes of play.

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New content on 'Afterbirth' may also amp up the difficulty a bit.

Hard Mode Release for The Binding of Isaac PC Version

Those that own the original The Binding of Isaac DLC, 'Wrath of the Lamb', can now update it with a newly added hard mode. Thank the one man on the dev team, Florian Himsl, for his hard work to increase the game's replay value even further. Also, we have some new info on The Binding of Isaac Rebirth's upcoming DLC!

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