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Adding online co-op functionality is a great move

Enjoy Many Classic Co-Op Titles in Forthcoming SEGA Genesis Classics

Initially revealed in a tweet that got pulled down (and then, eventually, reposted), SEGA officially announced that they'll be bringing 50 classic Genesis titles to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC this May in a new collection. The SEGA Genesis Classics will not only include a number of great titles from that era, but the ability to play with friends no matter where they may be.

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Updated for Modern Age and includes 70 Games

[E3 2017] - AtGames Re-Releasing Sega Genesis Classic Gaming Hardware

Sega Genesis Flashback, Classic Game Console, and the Ultimate Portable Game Player. Each console and portable system includes a selection of built-in Sega Genesis games, HD support for output, and in one case - even supports classic Sega Genesis cartridges. The Sega Genesis Flashback is inspired by the original console and includes 85 ...

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Yeah, that headline confuses me, too

New Genesis/Master Drive Brawler, Paprium, Coming This Fall

Next-gen consoles? Bah! "PC Master Race?" Get out of town! VR?! Don't make me laugh! Everyone knows the hot thing in 2017 is the Sega Genesis/Master Drive system. And everyone who's anyone knows that THE hottest game to get is Paprium. It'll make you question everything you know about games, love, and that poster on your wall that gives you funny feelings.

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It's not like we were good enough to make it to the glitch area, anyway.

Rare Replay to Fix 25 Year Old Battletoads Glitch

Here's one for the record books. Battletoads was released in 1991 with a local co-op mode that reminded you why co-op existed. There was just one problem: on level eleven (you know, the one where a rolling lollipop chases you, then you beat it up at the end), a glitch caused the second player's controller to lock up, insta- and perma-death until the next level. Oops.

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Could the co-op classic be returning to the modern era?

Phil Spencer Wears a Battletoads Shirt, Speculation Ensues

How many people do you know who own a freaking Battletoads t-shirt? We probably couldn't count them on one hand. That being said, Microsoft's own Phil Spencer was seen rocking a sweet Battletoads t-shirt today at the Windows 10 event. If we know Phil like we think we do, we have a gut feeling we'll see something Battletoads related in t...

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