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Could the co-op classic be returning to the modern era?

Phil Spencer Wears a Battletoads Shirt, Speculation Ensues

How many people do you know who own a freaking Battletoads t-shirt? We probably couldn't count them on one hand. That being said, Microsoft's own Phil Spencer was seen rocking a sweet Battletoads t-shirt today at the Windows 10 event. If we know Phil like we think we do, we have a gut feeling we'll see something Battletoads related in t...

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Moving at the speed of sound?

Hands on Impressions with Sonic Lost World

I’m probably one of the few gamers out there that still defend the Sonic the Hedgehog brand to this day, so I was excited to see if both Sega and Nintendo could make this title the next stage for the franchise. Over the last few months, Sonic Lost World has been compared with the Super Mario Galaxy titles over and over again, in that Sonic travels between various planetoids to reach the end goal. But all I was curious to see was: does the game stay true to Sonic as a character?

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You mad?

3D Streets of Rage Leaked by PEGI

Sega continues its push to release 3D remakes of its classic games on Nintendo 3DS. 3D Altered Beast has already hit Japan, bringing with it enhanced gameplay features along with two player local co-op. Recently the Australian Classification Board leaked a listing for another oldie turned new: 3D Streets of Rage!

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In Soviet Russia, Company of Heroes plays you

Company of Heroes 2 Co-Op Review

Approaching World War II from a different perspective, Company of Heroes 2 tells the tale of the Soviet Union as they fought to turn the tide against the Wermacht. While the story is suspect, the core gameplay is extremely rewarding. There is a great deal of content present, with a lengthy campaign, a war theatre, and a competitive online community. Virtually everything you do counts towards your overall level, with unlockable rewards being given along the way. Co-op is also quite rewarding.

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