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Our Weekend In Gaming: Mining Crew
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Our Weekend In Gaming: Mining Crew

It's nice to be above ground every now and then.

Can you believe another week's done and dusted?  It feels like it was just yesterday that Jason was yelling at the Co-Opticrew to finish our morning serving of porridge and crowd back into the co-op mines.  "Ah well," I remember telling Marc on the way down, "at least we got that extra day to let the cartridge dust work its way out of our lungs."  We shared a somber smile then, knowing the darkness of the mines would soon shroud our faces beyond recognition.  My, how time does seem to slip away...

Anyhoo!  The weekend's here, and you know what that means, right?  We've got games on the menu.  Specifically, we'll be checking out barbaric MMOs, Middle English JRPGs, and Coen Brothers-esque TTRPGs.  Check it out!

Nick Puleo (@NickPuleo) - "I have a date with Destiny 2 and the Battlefield V beta."

Eric Murphy (@smurph_em) - "We're hoping to stream some Conan Exiles tomorrow night, and I'll probably work on the pile of shame (probably Halo 5 or Gears of War 4)."

Marc Allie (@DjinniMan) - "I'd love to get back into Octopath Traveler again, and maybe some No Man's Sky if I can find the time."

Locke Vincent (@LockeVincent) - "Doing some writing for Flat Heroes as well as The Rabbit and The Owl for review. Squeeze in some No Man's Sky, Mothergunship, and Strange Brigade."

Tally Callahan - "Some Smite, Fiasco, and perhaps a little solo gaming on the table."

Enoch Starnes (@enochstarnes) - "Hast thou heard the good word of Azeroth?"

Matthew Squaire (@mattaghetti) - "Working through some books but I'm trying to lure my long-distance friend to give Diablo III a whirl."

And of course, we didn't forget about you, dear reader.  Why don't you tell us about your own plans in the comments below?