PC Version of Pid Get its Difficulty Issues Ironed Out
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PC Version of Pid Get its Difficulty Issues Ironed Out

But will XBLA and PSN updates follow?

Pid is a game I so badly wanted to love, only to eventually call it the most disappointing game of the year in our Co-Op review. The game just turned out so frustratingly difficult that playing it felt only slightly better than putting your groin in a vice grip and spinning the handle, to say nothing of the horrible collectible system. Well, developer Might & Delight has taken the widespread criticism to heart and released a major patch for Pid's PC version that smoothes out the default difficulty as well as adding a new Easy mode. We've got a few exclusive details on those tweaks to share with you today.

First off, the Pid Easy Mode contains adjustments to virtually every area in the game and (thankfully) shorter boss fights. The boss fights in the XBLA version are at present excruciating. As for the Normal Mode adjustments, the devs made several smaller adjustments to levels in which players struggled the most. Bosses have also been tweaked, including the Crook fight which I dissected in great detail in our review. Players can also switch between difficulties on the fly, so anyone who struggles with Normal can hop down to Easy without having to start from scratch.

I haven't played the updated PC version, so I can't say how effective these changes are. I definitely want to give the post-patch Crook battle a go and see whether it remains virtually broken or not. The big question is: will console gamers have a chance to play the new and improved Pid? Might & Delight's website says that "console versions will hopefully soon follow," but they couldn't get more specific when we asked about it. Let's hope the XBLA and PSN games do receive the same difficulty adjustments the computer game got. There's a unique and special platforming game buried within Pid, if only the levels and bosses didn't work so hard to hide it.

Pid supports 2-player local co-op and costs $9.99/800 Microsoft Points. Get the PC and Mac version on Steam.