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Underperforming 2019 Games Lead To Delays

Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs Legion Delayed To 2020-2021

In a recent financial discussion, Ubisoft announced that their 2019 titles - The Division 2 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint - both underperformed. As a result, Ubisoft is reevaluating the development time needed for their upcoming games, Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch_Dogs Legion. Unfortunately, this means both titles will be delayed to Fiscal Year “2020-21.”

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Big Cut on Overwatch's Collector's Edition, Origins Edition Gets 18% Off

Co-Op Deal on Total War: Warhammer. Overwatch for 27% Off Discount

Late May is chalked full of upcoming co-op releases, and we've found the deals to go with them. If you're either a Warhammer or a Total War fan, you have to be looking forward to next week Tuesday's Total War: Warhammer. There are a variety of TW: Warhammer deals this week ranging from 20% off to 25% off. All of them will include the pre-order bonus of the Chaos Warrior Race Pack.

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No relation to Metal Gear

Rainbow Six: Patriots Will be a Next-Gen Game

The Rainbow Six line of games has been a long established franchise spanning many years and a multitude of platforms. Originally announced in 2011, Rainbow Six: Patriots was supposed to be a current-gen game that would be released on Xbox 360, PC, and Playstation 3. Ubisoft recently revealed that they would be pushing back the game to next-gen. Tony Key, a Ubisoft marketing director, stated that that "Rainbow 6 got caught in the transition of going to next-gen and essentially we're figuring out 'well, are we making the right game for the right hardware systems?'"

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots Announced

Confirming info from earlier this week - Ubisoft has officially announced the first details of the next Rainbow Six game.  Oddly, it's not called Rainbow Six, but rather Rainbow 6, replacing the word six with the number*.  All previous iterations of the franchise and novels used the full word.  As we previously reported, the name is Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Patriots and has co-op.

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Ubisoft's new domain suggest that Rainbow Six: Patriots is the name of the upcoming game in the popular franchise

The New Rainbow Six Gets a Name

I love me some T-Hunt.  This is the Rainbow Six game mode that allows 4 players to co-op together and take on a map of AI enemies.  The next game in the series has already been announced, but currently remains nameless.  This is about to change as recent domain names suggest Rainbow Six: Patriots will be its moniker. 

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