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Beyond Co-Op - February 9th through February 15th, 2014

We've taken a few weeks off, but it's time for another edition of Beyond Co-Op. In this series, we cover gaming news that isn't co-op in nature. Hey, we all play single player and competitive multiplayer games anyway, right? The quiet winter months are... well, honestly, still fairly quiet. But as spring releases are just around the corner, news is ramping up a little bit. Here are the biggest stories in gaming this week.

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Bro It Up this March as BROFORCE Goes Early Access

Alright, bro! You've been reppin' hard at the gym and now it's time to bring your bulging neck muscles and chainsaw-proof chest hair to the War on Terror. Come this March, you and your squad of beefcake brosephs can lay down some red white and blue 80's action hero justice as BROFORCE hits Early Access on Steam. The only way to deal with international politics is with an M16 and a case of Natty Light.

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