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Wolfpack mode sees a return in a slightly more piratey fashion

Assassin's Creed 4 Will Have Cooperative Mode

Prepare yourself for a lot of piratey talk to invade Co-Optimus as Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is officially getting a co-op mode. So, "arrr!", "AVAST!", "yo ho ho and a bottle of finely purified water because seriously the stuff they drank in those days had to be mixed with rum to kill what was in it." Alright, with all of that out of my system, let's talk some details.

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Title Update 12 shouldn't be too far away either, so stay tuned.

Minecraft's 'Skin Pack 5' Will Include Borderlands 2 and Dead Space 3 Characters

Roland returns again in the form of a new skin, along with a bunch of his fellow Vault Hunter heroes within Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Now you can have the entire collection of Borderlands 2 skins at your grasp by grabbing the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition “Skin Pack 5” in only a few days from now.

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John Woo's Space Ninjas

Warframe Co-Op Impressions

Space Ninjas. Do those word illicit a tingle in your special place? If so Warframe, a free to play 3rd person co-op action game from developer Digital Extremes, just might be your muse. We dove into the cooperative game to check out whether or not it’s currently worth our time. It should be noted that Warframe is in open beta, but since you can make in game purchases, that’s more or less released in our book.

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Space ninjas have questions too.

Warframe Co-Op FAQ

Warframe is a free to play action game from developer digital extremes. In the game players take control of Tennos, a race of people who specialize in sword and gunplay. You're basically a space ninja and that's OK. Like any free to play game there are premium items to purchase. We break down the co-op aspects of the game along with some of the items you might be spending money on.

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