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Strangely Explored Lands...

Halo Wars 2 Co-Op Review

Early on in Halo Wars 2, I kept getting the feeling that I had lived this all before in an almost dream-like way. I played through campaign mission after mission, trying to shake the feeling and find my 'Ah-ha!' moment that would set the game apart, letting me tell my friends and associates of the special moments I wanted to share with...

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One big step for the future of playing together.

Xbox One November Update Looks To Change The Way You Play With Friends.

November looks to be a big month for Microsoft, with its Xbox One side of things thanks to a major update that will be bringing backwards compatibility to the general public and an upgrade to the systems UI. This revitalization to the system is being powered by Windows 10 and looks to be the biggest and most user friendly update in the Xbox Ones history.

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Backwards compatibility arriving this winter

[E3 2015] Play 360 Titles on Your Xbox One, New Xbox One Controller

When the newest generation of consoles debuted at E3 two years ago, one of the biggest gripes players had about them was that previous titles were not supported. Sony eventually revealed PlayStation Now, a kind of rental/streaming service for older titles. Today, Microsoft went one step further and announced that the Xbox One will fully support 360 titles natively.

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Could the co-op classic be returning to the modern era?

Phil Spencer Wears a Battletoads Shirt, Speculation Ensues

How many people do you know who own a freaking Battletoads t-shirt? We probably couldn't count them on one hand. That being said, Microsoft's own Phil Spencer was seen rocking a sweet Battletoads t-shirt today at the Windows 10 event. If we know Phil like we think we do, we have a gut feeling we'll see something Battletoads related in t...

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Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA

[E3 2014] - Press Conference Wrap-Up Video Coverage

Day 0 of E3 is done, and Co-Optimus is bringing you their wrap up of all the press conferences that happened, with impressions of the games announced including all the co-op goodness. We've got surprise announcements like Dead Island 2, Magicka 2 and Assassin's Creed Unity. So sit back and relax and here all the good news that went down for co-op gamers on Monday, June 9th 2014 at E3 in Los Angeles.

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Halo, Halo, and...uh...Halo?

[E3 2014] - Microsoft Press Conference Livestream

Microsoft is set to announce...well games. Plan on getting your eyes on Halo 5: Guardians, which isn't set to release until next year. There are plenty of rumors like Halo anniversary editions, and some other surprises. It really is a wide open slate on what we'll see this fall and beyond from Microsoft. With next-gen consoles starting to gather dust due to a lack of releases, expect those gaps to be filled by indie games. 

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The crew gives your their thoughts for the show.

[E3 2014] - Show Predictions

Nick (@nickpuleo)

Heading into my 8th E3, I'm feeling pretty excited. While last year saw the two new big consoles unveiled completely, this year is going to focus solely on the games that will run on them. I'll admit, over the past two years I've slowly begun to favor PC gaming to the point that I rarely touch a console anymore. Still all the glitz and glamour that surrounds them is hard to ignore.

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