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Clunk click, every trip

Skylanders Superchargers Launches Big with their New Trailer

Silly Season is upon us once more as we are bombarded with top titles after a relatively quiet summer.  For families, one of the games to look forward to is the 2 player local co-op title Skylanders Superchargers.  Still part of the popular platform series, this time the game has vehicles.  These are no ordinary vehicles, let the launch trailer show you how they are different.

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If first you don't succeed, Trine, Trine and Trine again

A Wizard, a Thief and a Knight Walk into a Bar on August 20th: Trine 3 Dated

There are some great looking games out there, but strangely many of the prettiest forgo the latest 3D graphics and instead build upon the look and feel of the 2D generation.  Trine is such a series and the third game; Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, looks like the best looking yet and even goes as far as adding the third dimension.

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