Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

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October Co-Op Monthly Round-Up
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October Co-Op Monthly Round-Up

Whew!  What a busy month.  Way too many games to play, and it only gets worse in November.  We've made lots improvements around Co-Optimus.   We launched a new Features Page, Added game relations to our news posts, improved our search engine, and enhanced navigation.

Plus we gave away a huge box of swag and a handful of games!  Here's what else you missed this month in Co-Op Gaming News.

Tetris Party
Fable 2
Saint's Row 2
LEGO Batman

Previews Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Resistance 2
Call of Duty: World at War
Fable 2

Fable 2

Co-Op Couples: Tempted By the Loot of Another
Gears of War 2 CoG Tag Found
LittleBigPlanet Origins
Co-Optimus Little Big Planet WallPaper
Sackboy Interviews the Co-Optimus Staff

Co-Op Classics
Duke Nukem 3D
Mario Bros.

Co-Opticast Episode 4: Kicked in the Back of the Head
Co-Opticast Episode 3: Halo Kart Confirmed in my Mouth

News - The Good
Call of Duty: World at War has Zombie Mode
Why Split Screen has been "Left 4 Dead"
Resistance 2 Will Feature Simultaneous Split Screen and Online Co-Op
Gears 2 Horde Mode Impressions
Diablo 3 Co-Op Gameplay Video
Left 4 Dead Preorders Surpass Orange Box
New Diablo 3 Class
Halo 3 Recon Announced

News - The Bad
LittleBigPlanet Server Issues
Guitar Hero World Tour Instrument Failures
Fable 2 Bugs
Did Lionhead Drop the Ball on Fable 2 Co-Op?
"Easy Mode" Ruins Diablo III Forever (Again)